Frequently Asked Questions

How can my rental company become a Preferred Vendor?

This can be done in three easy steps.

Contact DCR Limited to receive our Preferred Vendor Packet which contains preferred vendor application, rental agreements, retail and vendor pricing, insurance requirements and more.

2. Complete the preferred vendor application

3. Once your application is accepted begin renting any product or package directly to your customers!

I’m not a Preferred Vendor; can I rent equipment directly from DCR Limited?

Yes we have Retail Rentals available if you do not wish to rent from one of our Preferred Vendors.

Contact us to receive further details in our Retail Rental Packet.

Why rent equipment instead of purchasing?

Your customers are looking to use our digital workflow products, but not all rental companies are able to invest in the significant capital purchases required to have a complete digital workflow inventory. By renting with DCR Limited, rental companies with difficulty purchasing are able to provide their customers with the best products available.

If you are considering purchasing S.Two equipment please
contact them.They will happily help you decide which solution will be best for your company.

What are the system requirements for the products?

For additional details on each of the rental products available please visit our Rental Products and Packages page or S.Two’s website.

Why should my customers use S.Two digital workflow?

There are significant cost savings available from using S.two’s digital workflow products! The cost of using .35 MM film can be as much as eight times more per day than digital solutions. The presence of S.two products in use around the world (currently 22 countries) is a testament to the ease of use, quality of production, and reliability of S.two equipment. Finally, S.two products are constantly evolving but never making earlier models obsolete. Many years of experience on set are used to create the best digital cinematography equipment. SeeAbout for further details on S.two.

How can I contact DCR Limited with my questions?

Contact DCR Limited at Tel: 775-624-8429 or online.