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Standard Alexa Package
OB-1™ On Board Recorder
Flash Mag™
Digital Magazine
Universal Mounting Plate
Alexa Mounting Plate
Flashport I Transfer Station

Docking Alexa Package
Flash Mag™ Digital Magazine
Universal Mounting Plate
Alexa Mounting Plate
FlashDock Mount

OB-1™ On Board Recorder The lightest, smallest self-contained uncompressed recorder for HD, HD444 and raw production. Combine the OB-1 with most digital cinematography cameras to create an un-tethered and intuitive production experience.

  • 7lbs / 3Kg Weight allows for easy and mobile operation
  • Powered by less than 20W directly from the camera
  • Fully Solid State
  • No Fans or Moving Parts - Allow for close up sound shots
  • Allows multi-cam support for 3D and advanced recording formats
  • Shoulder or SteadyCam use
  • Additional OB-1details available from S.two.


    FlashMag™ Digital Magazine Our removable solid state, high capacity, high bandwidth, on board storage magazine.


  • Up to 36 minutes of uncompressed dpx file storage
  • Designed for the rugged environment of shooting film in any situation
  • Featuring multiple levels of internal media redundancy

  • FlashDock The FlashDock mounts and plays back field recordings from FlashMag™ from OB-1™ on set or location workflows.

  • Single source solution to all post tasks including material review
  • AC and DC operation
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Robust and Rugged Low Weight Construction

  • Additional FlashDock details available from S.two.

    FlashPort 1 Transfer Station is an economical, basic transfer station that offers a mountable direct connection to FlashMags™ recorded on OB-1™.

  • Industry-standard 4Gbit Fibre Channel (FC) Interface
  • FC Host Bus Adapter (HBA), FC Cable, and S2View™
  • Additional FlashPort details available from S.two.